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Master of Zen is a Hong Kong film based on the legends surrounding the life of Bodhidharma. The film was directed, produced, and co-written by Brandy Yuen, and starred Derek Yee and Louis Fan in the leading roles. Contents. [hide]. 1 Plot; 2 Cast; 3 Reception; 4 References; 5 External links. Plot[edit]. Bodhidharma. Action · Biography of legendary Damo Monk, the master of Zen and founder of Shaolin Kungfu. I have watched this movie many times, it is actually a movie recommended at the qi gong academy where I practice. The movie is entertaining and contains good dialog and some fun scenes. There are many subtle and less subtle messages about ying yang wisdom and zen philosophy: 1) Life and nature are unpredictable.

Aug 28, Brandy Yeun directs this unusual look at Bodhidharma, the man credited for bringing Zen philosophy China and for creating kung fu. The film opens with young prince Puti Tara (Derek Yee Tung-sing), who following the death of his father, decides to become a monk and follow teachings of Prajna Tara. Master of Zen Reviews. All Critics · Top Critics · My Critics · DVD · Audience. All Critics. All Critics · Top Critics · My Critics · DVD · Audience. No Critic Reviews for Master of Zen. Help · About Rotten Tomatoes; What's the Tomatometer? Critic Submission · Licensing · Advertise · Careers. Nov 25, This is a dramatic reconstruction of the Life of the great Japanese monk Dogen who flourished in Japan in the 13th century and introduced Soto Zen Buddhism from China. It appears from the film that Buddhism was in a very corrupt state in Japan in the 13th century, with drinking and whoring common in the.

He is also the lineage ancestor of every Zen master since that time in China, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan. At that time, i also understood that the story of the movie (7 am arivu) was fictional, they just took the single line that, bodhidharman was a south Indian monk who travelled to china and framed others things fictionally. Mar 5, A movie about Zen can be considered an ambitious work. The general expectations are high, because this movie tries to depict the actual core of Zen Buddhism. The film is a simple biography of master Dogen, based on a novel by Tetsuo Otani who, however, took some small liberties when it comes to.


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