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I386 biosinfo inf

Q: 'reinstall windows xp home edition__\i\ could not be loaded' I'm quite sure I've done this correctly as I've done a Windows XP reinstall on another computer before with no problems. File \i\ could not be loaded. 18 Aug I'm trying to install WinXP on an empty harddrive, when I start the installation process I get: File \i\ could not be loaded. The error code is Setup cannot continue. Press any. Burned disc, placed in drive, restarted, MSI "colorful" screen shows for about 1 second, then I get the "setup is preparing." (but I do not ever get the "push any button to boot from disc" message that I'm use to), anyway, screen immediately shows "File\i\ could not be loaded. The error code is.

我用WinSetupbeta6制作了一个USB的windows xp安装盘。我安装windows xp 时,出现以下信息:File\i\ could not be error code is 2Setup cannot a. File \i\ could not be loaded, the error code is This also came up when I tried it on another computer. I have searched on the internet for maybe a reason why but found nothing helpful. Has anyone had this problem and found a way to fix it or maybe know of a way or site that could help. OK fellas, problem .. I went to put xp pro corporate on my m8's pc last night - on her 40 gig drive i partitioned 4 / 36 - Puit in the xp disk - system started checking it's hardware config then i was faced with this error message file\i\ could not be loaded. Error code The system rebooted.

this happened after i changed the screen resolution and the comp restarted with the problem! I cant reinstall the entire WINDOWS XP BECAUSE IT WILL DELETE ALL OF THE INFO IN THE MY DOC FOLDER.. so went into bios, and saw that the prob was an error that says.. \i\. HOW DO I FIX. Hi All, I have the above error, I was trying to re-install XP (clean format etc..) I have used google, seen the thread here called "help me fix" or something li. 31 Oct I'm trying to help a friend with a computer problem. When the computer is powered on, it eventually results in a black screen with the cursor flashing in the left-hand corner. I tried inserting a XP boot disk and powered on the computer. I got the following message: "File \i\ could not be loaded;.


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